Ad Hoc’s recent production of Bouncers was very well received by audiences in Stevington, Carlton and Odell.  Thanks to everyone involved and to all our audience.  In fact, it went so well, that we will stage another performance sometime in October, which will be Ad Hoc’s first performance in the new Harrold Centre on the 20th and 21st October.

Tickets now on sale at £10 from Harrold Post Office, Carlton Stores or call the Box Office on 01234 510720

The show was also very much admired by our NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Society) reviewer who saw the performance at Stevington.  Here’s an extract of the review.

I have now seen it (Bouncers) performed five times including a professional touring company, so I’m beginning to know it well and I’m yet to see one I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed, or been surprised by the innovation the various groups come up with. Ad hoc were no exception, this was certainly one of the best I’ve seen. The imagination and sheer skill involved was masterful. Fran Ross is a very imaginative director and certainly stamped her own interpretation all over it. What was particularly clever was the amount of choreography she brought to the table, which was delivered with perfect comic effect by her consummate actors. A particular mention of the Michael Jackson’s Thriller setting, that had the audience absolutely rolling in the aisles, which on a stage that size was all the more remarkable. Another clever trick was to get the actors not involved in a particular piece of action to simply turn their backs to the audience. The levels of concentration and discipline required were immense especially on a stage so small. All round very clever directing indeed.”