Harrold History - Clockmaking


Clockmaking in the 18th century saw the development of local trading, including in Harrold. The trade was generally confined to a small number of craftsmen working in market towns and some villages, and Harrold had a number of clockmakers. They were true country craftsmen, with an assistant or apprentice, and some Harrold clockmakers trained apprentices who went on elsewhere to ply their trade.

Quite a number of clock and watch makers were non-conformists, particularly around the turn of the 19th century, including Eaton Jefferies of Harrold. A few clockmakers supplemented their income with clerical work, including William Raban of Harrold, serving as clerk to the parish. A clock made by William Covington of Harrold is still in the village and one nearby (dated 1750) in Stevington Baptist Meeting Church.